VanIsle Workshop and Ball

Saturday April 7 2018

Looks as if a great time was had by all at this year’s workshop and ball!

Huge shout-out to all who attended: you made it happen. Not only that, but you can help us make the event even better next year and in subsequent years: stay tuned for a survey coming your way soon- and please take a moment to reply to the survey.

Please email the workshop committee if you have specific follow-up.



Thank you to our wonderful workshop teachers- verbal feedback has been extremely positive!

Intermediate and Experienced teachers:


Fred DeMarse                   San Francisco, CA


Katherine Shearman Vancouver, B.C.





Basic class teacher:


Hazel MacDonald Nanaimo, B.C.

Hazel did a great job with her electronic musician. Fred and Katherine were thrilled to have such great class musicians as Mary and Julie.

Intermediate & Experienced Class musicians:

Mary Ross, accordion, Victoria BC

 Julie Smith, piano, Vancouver, BC


Mary Ross


BALL- and what a wonderful night it was…


Ball music supplied by The Tartan Players from Vancouver BC.  This year they brought a bass player to give us an even more amazing sound !

Thanks to the Ambrosia Event Centre for all their help in facilitating the event. You made the committee’s life easy- and- oh the food!







Committee members:

Anita Mathur, Robin Gubby, June Robinson, Janet Yonge, Barb Currie, Gordon Robinson, Pat Warman