Workshop and Ball

2022 event was an amazing day!

VanIsle Workshop & Ball

Saturday April 2 2022

After two years of being shunted to the sidelines by the pandemic, we came back with a vengeance! The event was sold out!

Richard led a class of close to 60 people. New dancers were soon acing reels of three while experienced dancers learned to tidy up the shape and timing of the same formations. The ball had over 60 dancers following Piper Jamie Orr and Grand Marshal Maureen Orr in the grand march, ready to dance to the exciting music of Mary Ross. Ready to do this again next year?

Mark your calendar– 1st April 2023

Sincere thanks from Committee Members: Kathryn Knowles (Chair),  Barb Currie, Gael Forster, June Robinson, Anita Mathur, Lori Morrison

Workshop Photos 2022- photo credit Ray Fischer

click for photos: WORKSHOP or BALL

Workshop Photos 2019- photo credit Chris Kloosterman

Ball Photos- 2019

Photo credit Dr Erin Grant