Workshop and Ball

The “50th Anniversary of the VISCDS” Workshops and Ball will be held on Tartan Day April 6, 2024 at the Edelweiss Club on Niagara Street.

Workshop Teacher 2024

Rebecca Blackhall-Peters will be instructing the two workshop classes.

Workshop Musician

Mary Ross will be the workshop musician.

Then comes the ball….

Tartan Players will play for the ball!

2024 ball programme to be posted soon…

link to “dance crib” page– or download dance notes below

Thanks for joining us: Committee Members Kathryn Knowles (Chair),  Barb Currie, Gordon Robinson, June Robinson, Lori Morrison

Workshop Photos 2022- photo credit Ray Fischer click for photos: WORKSHOP or BALL

Workshop Photos 2019- photo credit Chris Kloosterman

Ball Photos- 2019

Photo credit Dr Erin Grant