SCD Resources

Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

This Scottish Country Dancing website  is intended as a reference to the traditional dancing of Scotland. It includes dance instruction pages (Dance Cribs), descriptions of dance formations (eg Strathspey poussette), a dictionary of dance terms and many other resources. The dance cribs are succinct descriptions of over 3,000 Scottish country dances and are not as comprehensive or as accurate as the  descriptions in the VISCDS Core Book .

You Tube Videos

The dictionary also includes a useful list of You Tube video clips which is alphabetized by the name of the dance. These clips are a random selection of reasonably well performed Scottish country dances and the quality of the video clips varies.

Another good source for You Tube videos is the  listing in the Scottish Country Dance Database. Each version of the dance is graded by quality of the video so you can easily pick out the one that most clearly illustrates the dance. You can also search this database by keyword.